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Yoga Pants vs. Leggings: What's the Difference?

Yoga Pants vs. Leggings: What's the Difference?

Apr 10,2023
yoga pants vs leggings
People wear yoga clothes to the gym, on hikes, at lunches with friends, and even for a night out on the town in stylish outfits. When searching for yoga clothes, you'll often come across the seemingly interchangeable terms leggings and yoga pants. Is there a difference between the two? Let's find out.

In this article, we'll explore these somewhat ambiguous terms for activewear, what they are, how they should fit together, and the pros and cons so you can choose what's best for you. In general, you can make yoga pants and leggings for different types of sports and dress them up for everyday wear.

The main difference between yoga pants and leggings is the materials they are made of and their fit. Yoga pants are more like your typical activewear, while yoga leggings are more form-fitting and you'll find them in yoga classes.

Next, let's talk about what yoga pants are.

What Are Yoga Pants?

Yoga pants are usually made of a thicker material than leggings. They're usually sweat-wicking and won't reveal your underwear when you squat. When people think of yoga pants, they're just that -- a type of pants. You may find flared fits, flared legs, and any other "fit" you'd find on regular pants like jeans.

Because of this, you may notice that they're not as soft or silky as many yoga leggings. What are the different types of yoga pants?

Types of Yoga Pants

There are many different types of yoga pants. Many styles overlap with leggings, as many companies use the term yoga leggings to describe more fitness-focused leggings. Some of the different types of yoga pants include:

Wide legs

Bell mouth

Boot cuts

Sweatpants/jogger style

High-waisted slim-fit pants

Sport shorts

Mid-length or ankle-length yoga pants

Yoga pants usually have 4-way stretch and are made from more durable fabrics. Certain types of leggings may be a little thinner than athletic yoga leggings, so they are sheerer, depending on how you move your body.

What to Wear with Yoga Pants?

Building an outfit out of yoga pants can be fun. It's also easy to make anything look good with well-fitting yoga pants.

To pair with yoga pants, you can:

- Throw a hooded sweatshirt over your pants, pair it with a pair of flat tennis shoes, and you're ready to hit the gym and lift weights.

- You can wear yoga pants with a sparkly top, jacket, and heels for an evening out.

- You can also wear yoga pants for their intended purpose, which is exercise. Take a yoga class, hike, or run the trails in it.

Enjoy trying out different styles to wear with your yoga pants. You can set some cool trends with your friends and strangers alike by making unique fashion choices that make you happy. Fashion is an art form that offers amazing opportunities to express yourself.
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What Are Leggings?

Leggings are more ambiguous than yoga pants. Some of the leggings you might find in Victoria's Secret are cute but thin and since they're sheer you'll see your downward dog butt. Some yoga leggings are similar to this style, but many brands create yoga leggings that can withstand the wear and tear of physical activity.

Many high-quality leggings have 4-way stretch so you can move your body however you want and your leggings will move with you. Others are made of thicker, more flexible materials to smooth over the skin and provide durability and comfort.

Types of Leggings

There are several different types of leggings. For this article, we'll be discussing the various yoga leggings you can find online and in stores.

Different types of yoga leggings include:

- High-waist leggings

- Leggings with pockets

- Mid-length leggings that reach to or above the ankle

- Cropped leggings that look like bike shorts

- Shiny leggings

No matter what you're looking for, you're likely to find leggings that fit your needs. Many brands create beautiful, high-quality materials that stretch and move with you without shifting. They cover what needs to be covered while looking sleek and trendy.

What to Wear with Leggings?

You can wear almost any leggings. Because they're usually very form-fitting, you can layer loose or tight clothing with them and you'll feel good.

Some of the best pairings include:

- Wear leggings under other clothing to keep warm.

- Wear ripped leggings as a style with combat boots and an oversized top or jacket.

- Leggings, sweater tied at the waist, crop top.

As with anything, it's all about your personal taste and exploring what you like and doesn't like.
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What Is the Difference Between Yoga Pants and Leggings?

In some cases, if you're looking for a premium brand, there isn't much of a difference between yoga pants and yoga leggings. Regular "leggings" may be thinner and worn under clothing for warmth, but many yoga pants and leggings can take a little wear and tear.

Now that we've covered the most popular yoga pants and leggings and briefly covered what makes them unique, let's take a closer look. There are some distinct differences between certain types of yoga pants and leggings. We'll share them below.


The fabric of most yoga pants and yoga leggings contains elastic components. It is necessary for most types of activewear for a number of reasons. Some materials help with moisture wicking, while others make the garment versatile, turning into shapes like squats or downward dogs. Both types of bottoms typically have 4-way stretch and materials that help them maintain their shape during activities like yoga, hiking, lifting weights, or just lounging around the house.

The main difference between yoga pants and yoga leggings is that yoga pants are usually thicker. As stronger pants, they outlast some leggings that require TLC to keep them looking good.


Comfort is a major factor in most people buying yoga gear. You want them to fit, stay where they should, stretch when needed, and make you feel good. The good news is that most yoga pants and yoga leggings are very comfortable. That's why people wear them everywhere!

Both yoga pants and leggings can be made with soft, stretchy materials that wrap around your body and keep you feeling good. If one of them has to win in terms of comfort, in some cases it might be leggings. Yoga pants are usually a little thicker and can feel more restrictive compared to the fluidity and flexibility of yoga leggings.


If you want your yoga pants and leggings to stand up to some good, hard use, be sure to follow the care instructions. Doing this makes both last a long time. When you buy quality pants, no matter the type, you're likely to end up with pants that are built to last.

But certain types of leggings may need extra love compared to thicker yoga pants. Some yoga leggings are shiny and made of thinner materials that need to be hand washed inside out to preserve the shine. Many yoga pants don't require special care to stay in top shape.


The advantages of yoga pants are that they are durable, comfortable, and come in a variety of stylish designs. Because they're more structured than leggings, they can be your workwear replacement for jeans and hold up well to more rigorous hikes and workouts.

The advantage of yoga leggings is that they are super cute, wrap the body just right, and create a smooth figure. You can pair yoga leggings with almost any outfit as a main accessory, or tucked under other clothing for added warmth.


One downside to buying yoga pants is that they may not be suitable for all exercise environments. Because they're usually made of thicker fabrics, they can cause you to sweat in certain sports situations.

One downside to buying yoga leggings is that some are not of the highest quality and can go bad quickly. They have many advantages, but durability can sometimes be their downfall.

Can You Wear Yoga Pants As Leggings?

Certainly! Yoga pants come in different shapes, fits, and constructions. They might not sit as close to the skin as leggings, but you can find some that do. Many yoga leggings have also evolved over the past few years, with both yoga pants and leggings featuring flared bottoms. The biggest difference is that one is thicker than the other. Yoga pants as leggings are probably the best option in winter because the thicker fabric will keep you warm.

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