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We are a professional team of star designers, specialized fabric research and development staff, experienced pattern makers, and responsible sales.We have our factory, sophisticated equipment, Skillful Workers, Well-regulated workshop management, and a strict quality control system.These make us your professional, competitive and reliable supplier.
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You Have Your Own Designer

If your brand has your designer, you need to send us your design draft, and what we have to do is to make the finished products meet your requirements. During the process, our professional team will actively communicate with you to beautify your design, implement details and make material objects and drawings highly consistent.

Custom Yoga Wear

You only have your own scattered thoughts, not a design artwork

If you only have some vague ideas, we can help collect and integrate them, evaluate the feasibility of the design, and optimize them. Then choose suitable fabric and accessories to make your idea come true.

Custom Yoga Wear

You have no designers or thoughts or are new to this activewear business.

If you have no designers or thoughts or are new to this activewear business, you can tell us your preferred style, market, or customer group. Then we can combine your market trends and preferred styles to recommend suitable designs. Or, if you haven’t gotten to know this yet, you can take a look at our designs on the website first. And we will use our expertise to guide you to the right fabric or accessories to make a satisfactory product.

Private Label Sportswear| We Care About YourBrand


1.Send your design drawing to our sales or tell us your idea

2.If you want a printed design, like leopard or camouflage or something else, you can send us your pattern pictures, and we can help you adjust the pattern proportion to make it perfect on the clothes

3.If you have your brand logo, send them together to us, and then we can mock-up for you to choose the logo position on the clothes

4.We will estimate the sample delivery time after checking your design and our sampling room order status and let you know.

02.Sample Stage

1.After anything is confirmed, we will start to arrange the sampling

2.Our sales will record your sample order to our tracking system and will communicate all your requirements to our sample room in detail

3.Our sales and merchandisers will follow up on your orders to ensure that. will finish samples in 15 days and will check all samples carefully

4. After samples are finished, we will take photos of samples before shipping them out, and we make reserved samples per design to ensure the bulk goods are in line with the samples.

03.Mass Production

1.After the sample is approved, we make the quotation for you, and when it is approved, we make an invoice and send it to you

2.After receiving your deposit, our sales will submit the contract and production sheet to our system and type in the material information which needs to be purchased

3.Our finance staff, workshop leader, and other relevant personnel will review it in our system

4.After checking, our purchasing officer begin to purchase fabric, accessories, tag and shipping mark, and so on

5.When the fabric reaches our workshop, your products go into production according to the reserved samples we kept before

6.Our merchandiser will follow up on the whole production; our sales will get involved as well and keep updating to you


1. When we quote for you, we will give some options of shipping methods to you so that you can choose the best suitable way

2. When we receive your balance, we will arrange shipment.

3.We can ship your package, by air, by sea, by express: in 3-7 days, by air: in 7-15 days, and by sea: in around one month; the exact time may be affected by the countries.

05.After-sale service

1.The salesman will track the logistics information of the order and inform the customer of the arrival time 1-2 days in advance

2. After the arrival of the goods, the salesman will confirm the quality and quantity with you. We will have a special after-sales team if there is any quality problem.

A Wide Selection of Fabrics

We recommend premium and suitable fabrics for you to compare and select based on the design. A Wide Selection of Fabrics, including Cotton, Nylon, Polyester, Lycra, Bamboo fiber, Viscose, Rayon, Recycled Fabric, etc.














Are You Worried About Not Knowing The Specific Use Of The Fabric? are You Struggling To Find The Right Fabric? We Listen Carefully To Your Appeal; We Provide Professional Guidance, and We Recommend Suitable Fabric.

Then Come To Us!

Custom Recycled Fabric Activewear

Recycled Fabrics

What are Recycled Fabrics?

Recycled fabric is the waste fabric after washing and processing again to revitalize, become the fabric can be used and sold again. Of course, many processes are needed in this process. Recycled fabric is evolved using technology through various materials, which is the power of environmental protection and is also caused by technological precipitation.

Sportswear Logo Customization

In addition to the overall design, we can customize various sportswear details, such as customized labels and logo-printed packaging.

Silicon printing

Collar label

Customized packaging


Wash label


Hang tag

Heat transfer printing

Metal Label

Pu label

Screen printing

Customizing Sportswear Accessories

We provide accessories customization service for you, including adding your logo or changing the specification, like size, color, material, and shape. Zipper


Our zipper is smooth and durable
Zipper puller

we can add your logo on the zipper puller

Zipper puller

puller shape can be customized, it can be drop shape, rounded, square or irregular

Zipper puller

Material can be customized, can be plastic or metal

Zipper puller

Color can be customized


Our button is strong and beautiful

We can add your logo on the button


shape and size can be customized


Material can be customized


we can add your logo on the zipper puller


Our buckle is firm and robust

Shapes and sizes can be customized


Colors can be customized

Shoulder girdle

Our girdle is elastic and comfortable

We can add your logo on the girdle

size can be customized

Color can be customized

We can make adjustable straps


Our girdle is elastic and comfortable
Shoulder girdle

We can add your logo on the elastic

Shoulder girdle

Color can be customized

Shoulder girdle

Color can be customized

Customer Reviews

We provide accessories customization service for you, including adding your logo or changing the specification, like size, color, material and shape.

We provide accessories customization service for you, including adding your logo or changing the specification, like size, color, material and shape.

We provide accessories customization service for you, including adding your logo or changing the specification, like size, color, material and shape.

  • What Is The Production Process of YOYOUNG Gym Wear?
    Before mass production, first we will make pre-production sportswear samples, so we need to make sure everything is normal, and then start mass production. During this process, our sales staff will confirm all details with you before arranging sewing to ensure the quality of the samples.

    If the sample is satisfactory, then mass production will proceed smoothly. Followed by fabric testing, cutting, printing, sewing, ironing, quality inspection and packaging. Finally, deliver the goods.
  • Why Is YOYOUNG Activewear A Recommended Private Label Gym Clothing Manufacturer?
    If you are looking for a private label fitness clothing manufacturer that can build your retail store or your own brand, then YOYOUNG gymwear company is your preferred brand. The company has many years of experience in producing high-quality fitness clothes. Here are the reasons why you choose us:

    *At YOYOUNG gymwear, we are a dynamic team and we absolutely love what we do. Our passion is reflected in our great design and product quality, and is consistent.

    *We are known for our dedication, hard work and commitment, and always deliver bulk orders within the specified time and time.

    *You will have a good time to do business with us, because we provide OEM and private label services.

    *We believe that customers are always right, and our private label customized fitness clothing services are based on customer needs and requirements.

    *We like to innovate, and constantly update and adapt to changing market trends.
  • YOYOUNG Activewear MOQ
    1. What is your minimum order quantity?

    Our minimum order quantity is 100 pcs, mixed with 1 color and 4 sizes to meet the needs of more new and old customers and combine our own production.
    2. How is MOQ calculated?

    First, roll up the cloth piece by piece. According to the amount of fabric used in different clothes, a roll of cloth can make about 80-100 pieces. The rest is waste. Then there are production costs. The machine can be processed in large quantities at one time. No matter how much it is, the operating cost of the machine is the same.

    Therefore, if the quantity is too small, the unit price of the product will be high.
  • Do you provide samples?

    We are happy to provide samples for your testing before you place an bulk order. So you could know our quality and performance.

  • Can you supply a specific type of fabric materials as we order?

    Yes, we can provide fabrics according to your needs. We usually provide polyester, spandex, cotton, nylon, blended fabrics, etc.

  • What is the shipping cost of your sportswear sample?
    Our sportswear sample mainly uses DHL/UPS/FEDEX express company.The cost of a sample is based on DHL/UPS/FEDEX regional fees, additional fuel charges, and exchange rates. Therefore, the cost varies from month to month.

    For more information,please contact us!

Quick Custom Design Sportswear By YOYOUNG!

YOYOUNG provides one-stop private label customization Sportswear under your control.

for more details, please contact us.

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