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Prices are different based on order details, the following price ranges are only for reference. Our team will carefully goes through your design request and checks on every aspect to make sure we fully understand your specific demands.

Sports Bras


The average wholesale price of sports bras is between $5 and $15 per piece

Tank Tops & Shirts


The average wholesale price for tank tops & shirts is between $3 and $10 per piece



The average wholesale price for hoodies is between $9 and $25 per item



The average wholesale price of Jackets is between $8 and $25 each



The average wholesale price of Shorts is between $8 and $25 each



The average wholesale price for leggings is between $6and $17 per pair



The average wholesale price for Joggers is between $7and $18 per pair



The average wholesale price for Jumpsuit is between $7and $18 per pair

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Different Production capacity

When we want to customize exclusive sportswear for our own brand, we should first consider whether this supplier can meet our design concept and meet our design requirements, and professionally produce sportswear in our mind.

Different Business Ability

When we customize our own brand sportswear, it is necessary to consider the business capability of this supplier. Before production, whether salesmen can fully understand our needs and give timely reply.

Different Quality Assurance

When we customize sportswear as a personal brand, we need to get product samples to confirm in person before confirming production. Whether the supplier can provide clothing samples is very important. And requires suppliers to be able to track the production of products in the whole process of order mass production at the same time, to ensure the quality of mass production.

Different Delivery Time

As sportswear is a seasonal product, the delivery speed of a supplier is also very important. We must find a supplier with efficient production capacity to ensure that we can get our products in the fastest speed, so as to facilitate our sales

Different Professional freight

After our custom sportswear production is completed, we also need to consider whether our suppliers have efficient and secure logistics channels (sea/air/express). For example: DHL/ FedEx /UPS/ Air/Mason Ship.


When we customize a series of sportswear for our own brand, our primary goal is to select an excellent factory as an important supplier, because as an important customer of the supplier, we can get the most preferential treatment in various aspects, such as: the most affordable price; Fastest delivery speed; The most attentive service

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