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Men's Activewear: 5 Trending Trends for 2022

Men's Activewear: 5 Trending Trends for 2022

Nov 28,2022
men's activewear
The men's activewear or athleisure market is worth USD 306.62 billion in 2021. It is expected to grow at a CAGR of 8.9% from this year to 2030. The above survey shows that the demand for men's sportswear is on the rise. Therefore, now is an excellent time to catch the uptrend and capitalize on the market growth.

This article will cover five of the most stunning trends among most consumers. Before we start trending styles, let's take a look at why this trend is growing. 

Men's Sportswear is Becoming a Craze

As young men's enthusiasm for outdoor and sports activities continues to grow, so does the demand for trendy styles. In other words, the fitness boom among young people has created a huge demand for fashionable sportswear.

Interestingly, three factors are driving demand; durability, sustainability, and comfort. Many young consumers are turning to mind-body sportswear as casual wear - to clubs, picnics, etc. Middle-aged men are no exception. In addition, the street luxury fashion is affecting the sportswear market - as some wealthy consumers combine comfort with style to create a unique look.

Men's Activewear Trends 2022: 5 Stunning High-Demand Styles

Full-volume Vest

A full-capacity vest is perfect for a comfortable workout in spring and summer. With no sleeves, this tracksuit reduces the risk of sweat spots. It's also sweat-wicking to prevent chafing and ensure dryness during workouts.

With no sleeves, the vest allows consumers to move freely at the shoulder joints. With this feature, users can show off their toned or athletic physiques.

Full-capacity vests are also light—essential for tough summer workouts. Therefore, it appears in fabrics such as polyester, nylon, spandex, and cotton. The cotton vest variety is ideal for consumers who do a low-to-moderate workout before hitting the road.

Polyester is popular for its moisture-wicking, breathable, and lightweight properties. Nylon vests are similar to polyester vests, but they don't absorb as much moisture. Spandex is popular because it is quick-drying, breathable, and comfortable. In addition, it has anti-chlorine, anti-UV, and anti-bacterial properties.

Full-capacity vests are available in different sizes and colors such as red, blue, black, gray, white, brown, etc. Consumers can pair the tank top with sweatpants, shorts, or sweatpants.

Wellness Tights

Fitness leggings are common and are made from a blend of spandex and nylon. This sportswear usually fits snugly against the body to increase blood flow and prevent muscle shock during impact. As a result, the user's muscles receive a steady supply of oxygen and proper body alignment during exercise.

Breathability is another core function of healthy leggings - keeping users cool during vigorous exercise. It also helps reduce fatigue and muscle soreness that persist during or after a workout. As a result, users can perform better for longer periods of time.

Fitness leggings can promote recovery because they increase the process of rebuilding muscle after a workout. Another standout feature of this sportswear is that it improves flexibility, allowing users to exercise safely.

A healthy tight workout is more enjoyable because of its ability to wick away sweat. The user will feel sufficient pressure on the skin and reduce friction during exercise. Also, this bottom is available in different sizes, lengths, and colors like black, gray, camo green, and more. 

Fitness leggings come in different types of fabrics. Some breeds are for comfort, while others are for activity. Popular fabrics are nylon, leather, cotton, spandex, and suede.

Consumers can pair fitness bodysuits with fitness t-shirts, tank tops, or full-capacity tank tops.

Spa-To-Street Short

They are made of different high-quality fabrics for moisture wicking. These shorts feature a multi-panel design that won't restrict the user's legs from pushing the limits. Clean lines and a straight look are other features of this piece, which look great on the street as well as in the gym.

Some sports shorts also have antimicrobial properties to keep users cool throughout their workouts. As for functionality, the sports shorts feature a unique design that allows them to stand out in different environments. For example, some gym shorts have longer inseams for flexibility, while shorter inseams are ideal for high-intensity workouts.

In addition to the flattering cut and smooth finish, these breathable shorts are also available in beige, black, yellow, green, navy, and more. Plus, they're stylish enough for any casual occasion.

Consumers can pair track shorts with effortless solid color t-shirts, sweaters, lightweight jackets, track vests, or sweatshirts. Users can add hats and sneakers to complement the look for a more defined style.

Cocoon Cover-Up

The Cocoon cover-up is one of the most versatile and great sportswear for an effortless athleisure look. They usually don't have sleeves and don't allow a wide range of motion in the user's arm - ideal for high-intensity activities. Also, they help accentuate the arms.

The front kangaroo pocket is another highlight of the cocoon smock as it is large enough to hold the arms to relax or store personal items. Interestingly, consumers can wear the dress alone or under jackets and coats. Other varieties of this type of clothing are long sleeves (a classic option for warmth), half zippers (for showing off graphic t-shirts), and more.

Most cocoon smocks are very comfortable as they are usually soft, light, and warm. They also give the feel of a blanket wrap - no real blanket. They come in different fabrics like sweatshirts, french terry, knits, rayon, wool, polyester, etc.

Because they're stylish, consumers can pair them with sweatpants, sweatpants, or workout shorts for a gym-friendly look. Or, they can opt for a more casual look - pair a cocoon blouse with jeans or khakis. They come in various solid colors like red, yellow, blue, black, green, brown, etc.

Mixed Jogger

Hybrid joggers are sportswear that can be worn as a casual weekend look. Typically, hybrid joggers feature front pockets, tapered cuts, loose hips, and cuffed or elasticated ankles. Also, the pants have a slim fit on the legs.

Typically, hybrid jogging fabrics are cotton/polyester blends, and they come in different types. Some varieties are twill, denim, cuffless, hip-hop, tapered, monochrome knit, open crotch, suspender chinos joggers, and more.

Biker knit joggers are perfect for consumers who like an edgy look. They feature cuffed ankles and tapered legs for a fitted look. Cuffless jogging pants are for consumers who want a comfortable and less demanding bottom paired with a fitted top.

Consumers who want a bold fashion statement can opt for low-crotch joggers. The pants fit the leg - loose in the groin area for a looser look.

Denim jogging pants are for those who like to combine a rough texture with the aesthetics of a jogger. These pants feature stretch fabric, tapered cuffs, and a drawstring waistband for a skinny fit. Consumers can show off by pairing them with graphic T-shirts and flats.

Mixed joggers are available in brown, blue, black, burgundy, army green, and more.

Concluding Remarks

Seeing the top men's activewear for 2022 is a great way to profit from the athleisure market. Thankfully, you've already seen five amazing fashion styles in this article.

So whether you decide to start selling a variety of trending styles at the same time or start with one, you can't go wrong.

The rule of thumb is to understand the client’s main needs and start with the style that works best for them – especially if you’re on a budget. If you want to order men's sportswear, please contact us.

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