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Why Wear a Sports Bra for Running?

Why Wear a Sports Bra for Running?

Aug 18,2022
sports bra for running
Physical exercise makes the breasts bounce up and down, even in a figure-eight shape. Continuous and repetitive movements can cause soreness, pain, and sagging. Therefore, every woman, regardless of size, should wear a sports bra when running or exercising. Here's an overview of what we've learned about the importance of wearing the right-fitting sports bra while working out.

Why wear a sports bra?

Before talking about how a sports bra should fit, it's important to understand why you need a sports bra when exercising. The average breast size in the UK is 34D, meaning each breast weighs 500 grams, which means the average woman gains 1kg. Since the breasts have no muscles and are not connected to any muscles in the body, the breasts move independently of the rest of the woman's body. Breasts are supported by only 2 weak structures: the skin itself and ligaments called Cooper's ligaments, so a good sports bra is needed to provide support, prevent breast pain, and limit movement during exercise, especially when running.

What are the consequences of not wearing a sports bra?

As mentioned earlier, the breasts move to other parts of the body alone, and the skin is able to resist a certain amount of pressure. However, if the breast moves 60% or more, irreversible damage can occur, meaning Cooper's ligaments and skin won't return to their original shape once they've been stretched. This can lead to mastalgia (breast pain) and sagging breasts. This makes a sports bra vital during exercise because it prevents damage to the breasts by not allowing the breasts to move as independently as they would without a sports bra.

It has been suggested that not wearing a sports bra can affect your performance. Studies have shown that women have to wear regular bras harder than sports bras because of increased upper body muscle activity, so if the breasts are not properly supported, the use of upper body muscles increases when running. Changes in breathing patterns were also shown; women were more likely to take shallower, faster breaths without a sports bra because of greater pressure in their chest.

Studies have shown that running gait may change if you don't wear the correct sports bra or any sports bra at all. They found a 4 cm reduction in stride length, a reduction in arms range of motion, and body rotation. All of these changes were found to slightly alter a person's foot contact patterns, so it's important for women to realize that it may be more accurate to wear a sports bra when they're wearing shoes.

Breasts have been shown to be the fourth biggest barrier to exercise for women, ahead of facilities and cost. This suggests a lack of awareness of properly fitting sports bras, leading to reluctance to exercise due to low confidence levels.

All of these factors suggest that a sports bra is a vital piece of equipment, not only for running but also for other forms of exercise.

Which sports bra is right for me?

When you're looking for a new sports bra, it's important to consider what type of exercise you'll be doing, as there are different categories of sports bras depending on the impact. For example, for someone who does yoga/Pilates or low-impact sports, a lower-category bra would be more appropriate. However, a bra in a higher category is required for those who are running.

When trying out the sports bra itself, don't be afraid to do something similar to your usual workout, such as jogging in place or stretching. It's also important to make sure you have a good range of arm motion, so be sure to adjust your bra straps when you try them on.

How long should a sports bra be worn?

The lifespan of a sports bra depends on how many times you use it, so it is recommended that you replace it based on how often you replace your running trainer. There's no time limit, but the more you use it, the more the lower strap loses its sturdiness. The longevity of your bra also depends on how you wash it, so be sure to follow the directions and always wash it inside out.

What is the correct way to wear a bra?

The answer to this question is no! The most common bra fit method (when you measure the upper and lower bust) is incorrect because measurements vary by country, brand, range, and individual (just like shoes!). So when you try on a sports bra, you should check the following:

Band - Check that the band is secure (1-2 inches) and level around the entire body. It should also move with you, not independently, if it's adjustable, start with the loosest setting.

Shoulder straps - Should be 1-2 inches in length, it should not fall off the shoulders or dig in. If you have wider shoulders, then you may benefit more from a cross-strap bra.

Cup – Always check that the breasts fill the entire cup and that the material is not bulging or wrinkling.

Underwire - Check to see if it is on the breast tissue in the front or under the armpit.

Supportive - Make a similar action to the activity you are doing.

And of course comfort!

The above briefly introduces the importance of wearing a sports bra when exercising. If you are planning to buy a sports bra, please contact us.

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