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How to Choose Women's Swimwear?

How to Choose Women's Swimwear?

Sep 19,2022
Choose Women's Swimwear
One-piece or two-piece swimsuit, polyester or nylon, O-shaped or U-shaped back... With so many choices, it is sometimes difficult to make a choice. We give you tips on how to choose women's swimwear!

Swimming level
1. Elementary

Beginner swimmers can swim 1-2 times and seek comfort and ease while swimming. The U-Back swimsuit is ideal for these people as it is easy to put on the swimsuit from the top. It's important to remember that a swimsuit that covers your hands and shoulders can be a hindrance when you're trying to improve your stroke.

2. Intermediate

Intermediate swimmers are swimmers who can swim 3-4 times and are looking for a swim garment that ensures stability for improved swimming ability. For this, the ideal swimsuit is one that fits snugly on your thighs and doesn't move your body so much that it doesn't interfere with your swimming practice. A racer-back top supports your bust well. Off-the-shoulder or sleeveless swimsuits are ideal for your swimming style.

3. Advanced

Advanced swimmers can swim all 4 strokes and are training or wishing to compete. Advanced swimmers ideally look for swimwear that is compact and barely covers the body to ensure easy glide, faster speed, and overall swimming. The crossed back ensures support for the chest and the swimsuit won't move as you swim. It's sleeveless so you can paddle with complete ease without any material getting in the way.

Types of swimwear

A V-shaped swimsuit provides freedom of movement and support. This swimsuit is for when you practice your stroke.

Swimsuits with an X-shaped back are suitable for all body types. They are available in one-piece or two-piece versions. It allows you to move freely and works well for racing.

U-shaped scoop-back swimsuit cut is very feminine and easy to put on and take off.

If you swim a lot, once or twice a week, choose a chlorine-resistant swimsuit. The O-back swimsuit is perfect for your practice. This classic style will give you more freedom of movement.

If you swim at least 3 times a week, choose a swimsuit with a very open back. They are highly chlorine resistant and suitable for high-intensity swimming practice.

Finally, if you swim during the race, you can wear a racing suit during the race. It will provide fluid dynamics and muscle compression so you can get higher scores.

The above is a brief introduction to the method of choosing women's swimsuits. If you want to customize or buy women's swimsuits, please contact us.

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