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7 Things to Keep in Mind when Choosing a Sports Bra for Yourself

7 Things to Keep in Mind when Choosing a Sports Bra for Yourself

Aug 22,2022
how to choose sports bra
Whether you're a minimalist or a fitness freak, one thing's for sure, a supportive, well-fitting sports bra is an absolute, no-compromise must-have. Whether you're an A or double D, your breasts need the right support and a perfect fit to fight the forces of motion and gravity. Here are seven things you need to look for in the perfect sports bra:

1. There are three kinds of sports bras, you have to choose the one that suits you best

There are three basic types of sports bras:

Compression sports bras: These compress the breasts against the chest wall to limit movement. They tend to be slip-on sports bras without any hook-and-eye closures on the back. Compression bras have no cups to keep the breasts apart. They are mostly non-adjustable and come in a simple SL size and no cup size. A compression sports bra can compress your breasts together, creating an unwanted single-breasted effect.

Best for A-C cups.

Encapsulating sports bras: Here, individual cups lift, surround, and support each breast, separating them by stitching, molding, or underwiring. Most regular non-sports bras take this approach. Encapsulated bras feature traditional hook-and-eye back closures and cup/strap sizing. This makes them very adjustable and a better fit than compression bras. Encapsulated sports bras have a more natural shape than compression bras.

Fits larger cup sizes.

Combination sports bra (compression + encapsulation): This type of bra uses a combination technology for extra support, where each breast is supported by a separate cup and pressed against the chest wall to stop the breasts from moving in all directions.

Supports A to DD+ cups. An underwired bra can provide further support. Ideal for high-impact activities.

2. Look for adjustable shoulder straps

If you like to wear a pullover bra, you're taking a huge risk because the straps lose their elasticity after a few wears and don't adjust the range of the straps. This is why you must look for adjustable straps that can properly support your breasts.

3. Choose a bra that fits your cup size

We know that sports bras are mostly available in small, medium, and large sizes. But the bra used to support you when you're jumping up and down needs to be less versatile, don't you think? So always look for brands that offer the right cup size to ensure no spills and proper support.

4. Look for bras with suitable straps and panels

If you're interested in the multiple panels and straps for sports bras, let us show you their uses today. The bottom strap supports your breasts, while the side and back panels ensure zero spillage. Also, they can help you choose the right style.

5. Your sports bra should have a sweat-wicking wick

Of course, you sweat when you exercise. If you're not looking for a bra with a proper breathable core or soaking mechanism, then you may have some bruises and skin rashes.

6. Invest in both low-impact and high-impact bras

No one bra can do it all. So, if it's a yoga or Pilates day, then you can wear a low-impact sports bra just fine. If you're going to weight training and other high-intensity exercise classes, you must wear a high-impact sports bra to keep your chest from all the movement.

7. Don’t forget to test your bra in the fitting room

Trying and testing should always be your foundation when shopping for a sports bra. Once you put your bra on, make sure you do some jumping jacks or push-ups to make sure the bra is comfortable and has minimal spillage and maximum support.

That's it, hopefully, with this guide, you can buy the best sports bra for yourself. We know this process sounds tedious, but the good news is that sports bras have a lifespan of 9 to 15 months, so you don't have to go shopping for a sports bra as often. If you need to buy a new sports bra, please contact us.

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