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The 6 Different Types of Gym Pants and Exercise Pants Explained

The 6 Different Types of Gym Pants and Exercise Pants Explained

May 22,2023
Choosing the right pants during your workout is important. You need something flexible and unrestricted. Pants should also be comfortable, as the discomfort can ruin a workout.

You'll also be sweating, so ideally something that's breathable and has minimal friction would be fine. Also, you should look for a price that seems fair.

But even with all of these criteria in mind, there are still many different types of sweatpants to choose from.

When you start shopping around for pants to wear to the gym or during your workout, you have a few main options:


Sweatpants are great versatile garments.

They can take you from the gym equipment to the trails for a jog. They're loose enough to provide flexibility, yet they're snug enough so they don't flap around as you run.

Sweats are especially useful for winter workouts because they keep you warm. This material is thick and heavy, usually made of cotton. Cotton is a breathable material and sweat washes off very well. Unfortunately, it does absorb sweat, which can lead to chafing.

Jogging Pants

Jogging pants are so similar to sweaters that many people can't tell the difference between the two. The difference is that jogging pants are lightweight and rarely made of cotton. Jogging pants have far less friction than sweatpants, they can be worn in warmer weather, and they offer the same versatility as sweatpants. They are non-restrictive, neither too tight nor too loose.

However, the legs towards the top may be a bit too baggy for some tastes. The looseness depends on the brand and style you get; some are skinny and others are roomier than sweat.

Yoga Pants

The most widely known form of yoga pants is the skinny leggings you see. However, looser styles are also available.

Yoga pants are usually suitable for women, but there are some suitable for men.

Leggings or Tights Style

The "legging" style of yoga pants is usually tailored for women, while men wear the same style of leggings.

This style of trousers is tight but stretchy. Pants like these are made from a smooth material that doesn't rub against your skin, making them great for wicking sweat and remaining breathable.

This style is great for yoga and Pilates; they are perfect for use on Pilates machines because there are no loose fabrics to get stuck in the mechanism of the machine.

Women often wear this style of yoga pants for general workouts, using them as clothing for jogging, gym visits, and more fitness activities.

They're so versatile, you'll see a lot of women wearing yoga pants on the go and not planning on exercising - that's how comfortable and functional they are!

Men, meanwhile, may prefer legging styles and wear yoga pants inside shorts as supportive garments. Leggings can be used instead of compression shorts or compression leggings.

Loose Style Yoga Pants

Relaxed-fit yoga pants are unisex.

They are similar to joggers, but they have looser calves. You can also wear jogging pants as a great alternative to these pants.

These loose pants are fine for yoga but have too much material on the legs for Pilates.

The pants will get caught in the machine, so they are not suitable for use near gym equipment.

Loose-fit yoga pants are usually made from thin cotton but are also available in synthetic blends like polyester and nylon.

Both materials have their advantages, which will be discussed later.

Running Pants/Tights

While you can run in a sweatshirt and jogging pants, running pants are tighter, so they have less potential for chafing, and less loose material hinders your surroundings.

The running pants are made of moisture-wicking material and can be worn under running shorts in winter if desired.

However, be careful with running pants as they can chafe you if you wear underwear with them.

Many men choose to wear braces instead of underwear for comfort and support. These pants/leggings come in a variety of lengths from mid-calf to ankle. They rarely go beyond the knee. Above the knee, they're too much like running shorts.

Compression Leggings

Compression leggings are usually worn under shorts or loose-fitting sweatpants.

They're designed to help prevent muscle strain and also promote healthy blood flow to your legs.

Compression shorts are more common than compression leggings, but compression leggings are better for colder weather.

They're worth a try, as long as you don't mind wearing tight clothing and might feel a little restrictive.

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