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5 Great Activewear Colorways for Spring/Summer 2023

5 Great Activewear Colorways for Spring/Summer 2023

May 4,2023
Spring/Summer 2023 brings new opportunities for consumers to experience fresh and vibrant colors. The vibe left over from previous years drives clients to manage various emotional states, pushing them towards the color that perfectly reflects it.

Sportswear's color design presents innovative shades that connect users with optimism. This trend also provides balance and stability to consumers facing new challenges. Additionally, as 2023 kicks off, organic color sources are leading the charge to cater to customers seeking circular and low-impact shade manufacturing from food waste and plants.

This article discusses five eye-catching activewear color trends flooding the spring/summer 2023 activewear market.

Global Sportswear Market Overview

The report states that the global sportswear market was valued at USD 351 million in 2017. However, experts expect the industry to reach $546 million by 2024, at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 6.5%. Consumers are demanding more sportswear due to rising disposable income and fitness awareness.

Other factors driving the growth of the industry include the surge in the number of people participating in physical activities and the increasing number of innovations in the sportswear category. North America dominated the global market in 2017, accounting for 42.3% of the total revenue.

Looking ahead, experts expect the region to maintain its dominance during the forecast period. Such assessments arose because of the growing trend of rocking sportswear for everyday and office activities. Moreover, the market in Europe is set to grow exponentially due to the popularity of sporting events.

The Asia Pacific region will register the highest CAGR from 2018 to 2024. Experts made this prediction due to growing concerns about health and wellness and the increasing participation of young people in physical activity.

5 Stunning Activewear Colors for 2023

Digital Lavender

Number lavender is one of the hot colors of 2023. It showcases the serenity, stability, and digital escapism consumers seek in the post-pandemic era. The active hue complements shades like Turquoise Sea, Apple Mint, and Wild Rose. Combining these colors creates effervescent shine and ombré effects that inspire otherworldly journeys and movements.

Tennis skirts look attractive in digital lavender and are a very stylish style. Tennis skirts accentuate the slimmest part of the leg. This design makes this piece suitable for all female shapes and shapes.

A digital lavender pleated miniskirt is a popular way to rock this style. Women can rock this statement style for a fun evening or weekend event.

Athleisure is one of the themes that consumers can take advantage of with Digital Lavender. Consider light blue biker shorts paired with a digital lavender blazer. This style blends sportswear and tailoring for a fresh look. While the bold-chic look isn't for work, ladies can wear it to Sunday brunch or their daily street walks.

Sweet Red

The luscious red satisfies a refreshing appetite for digital and stimulating brights. The vibrant hue works for full impact as a solo color or creates a youthful, edgy feel when paired with Papaya Smoothie, Apple Mint, and Turquoise Ocean shades.

Bold fashionistas and extroverts will love wearing head-to-toe vibrant red. While this look may be bold, an all-over red is very stylish. Interestingly, there are a number of ways consumers can wear the look, but the most striking is the combination of red pants, a top, and a coat.

Ladies who don't like red all over can focus on their legs. They can go for sweet red pants or tennis skirts for a statement style without going overboard. However, keeping this style in balance requires letting the bottoms be the focal point of the outfit. Basic colors and a classic design will complete the look without stealing the attention of the whole.

Sweet red coats and jackets are the perfect way to rock this color during the colder spring months. Adding a coat, leather jacket, or sweatshirt can instantly elevate and make any ensemble impressive. A chic example of this style is pairing black pants and a pastel turtleneck with any sexy red coat or jacket.

Desert Style Shades

In 2023, consumers will turn their attention to nature and the outdoors. Interestingly, natural shades inspired by the desert will resonate with this evolved focus. Innovators are finding natural dyes derived from plants, minerals, and food waste. Reds and pinks also help create color palettes inspired by dusk or the golden hour of dawn.

Utilitarian designs are a big part of womenswear, and the desert-inspired shades are stunning. One style that stands out from this collection is the jumpsuit set. While the piece was originally designed for protection from manual labor, coveralls now offer functionality and style. Consumers can choose their own desert-inspired shade and rock these jumpsuits in a variety of eye-catching styles.

Vibrant Blue

Blue remains a trendy color trend, and sellers can capitalize on the color's universal appeal with vibrant mid-tones and darker tones. Combining a vibrant blue with a deeper hue will create an effective color-blocking style while adding a splash of white will accentuate the pigment's marine qualities.

The beauty of color like blue is that it can turn any outfit into a statement piece. So vibrant blue is the perfect shade for a top that can instantly elevate any simple style. Consumers are sure to look stylish when pairing jeans with a blue tee or velvet pants with a blue ruffled top.

Vibrant blue paired with denim is another way to spice up a classic weekend denim look. Adding blue pieces to an outfit can elevate a casual look effortlessly. While pullovers, sports bras, and outerwear can rock cool hues, shoppers may want to consider checkered shirts in bright blue.

Organic Green

Stock up on organic greens to add a natural quality to your collection. Shades like patina can be refreshing and calming, especially when paired with blue. Consumers turning to holistic training, grounded health, and outdoor activities will love experimenting with a variety of organic green shades.

Organic green can be paired perfectly with classic leather. Pair this nature-inspired hue with tough fabrics for a strong, edgy feel. The dark green leather combination is an excellent choice for consumers who want to show their attitude.

While this combo looks great during the day, it is more suitable for evening occasions. Ladies can opt for a chic green dress or jumpsuit, layered over a black leather jacket.

Bottom Line

Spring/Summer 2023 chooses colors wisely by balancing novelty and permanence. Items drenched in shades associated with consumer emotions are must-haves this season. More wearers seek shades that reflect their attitudes and behaviors, which makes the active color market even more promising.

Bright colors will take center stage, as consumers feel more upbeat and energized with such hues. However, as trendy colors evolve, earthy and serene shades will remain relevant. Consider investing in unique pieces that even stand out on screen to drive consumer purchases.

As spring/summer 2023 sales begin, fashion retailers must stock up on digital lavenders, luscious reds, desert tones, vibrant blues, and organic greens for steady sales and profits. If you want to order spring and summer sportswear, please contact us.

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