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How to Wear Casual Activewear and Look Cool?

How to Wear Casual Activewear and Look Cool?

Dec 5,2022
While we generally tolerate skipping shorts in favor of compression leggings (unless you're from the Ballets Russes), there's a way to make today's activewear look stylish without looking like a walking billboard for Nike or Adidas.

Since activewear has transitioned from the gym to the casual scene, designs have become cleaner, sharper, and more technical. Activewear isn't as dangerous in the styling department as it used to be, but there are still some rules that can score cool casual looks.

Below we have compiled a guide for casual sportswear to help you better match your sportswear.

Keep It Athletic Up Top

It doesn't get any easier than this. Do you think that jacket is only good for skiing? That sweatshirt you only wear when lugging from bedroom to bathroom on cold mornings? T-shirt collection getting so big that it's threatening to grab space in an adjacent drawer? They're all prime candidates for the perfect casual activewear look.


Here's your chance to put all the gear you'd describe as "tech" into a regular rotation in your wardrobe. If it looks like you can climb mountains in it, wear it to the streets. Bomber jackets are also a great option, especially when revamped in unexpected colors or luxurious materials, as are blazers. Keep an eye out for fun touches like extra zips, fancy stitching, and sporty ribbed details.


Designers are loving upscale sweatshirts right now. If you want something premium and high-end, or if brand display fetishism isn't your thing, grab a piece straight from the runway, take something affordable out of your wardrobe and make it smart. Hooded or unhooded, pretty much anything goes—but stick to something that fits so you don't look slouchy and sloppy. Blocky colors create a cool, clean, minimal effect that works especially well with sportswear.


Almost anything goes here. Just install it. Monochrome is cool, interesting patterns or graphic elements are also welcome. If the goal is to look effortless, you'd be hard-pressed to think of anything more relaxed than a t-shirt.

Keep It Fitted Down Low

Ok, it actually does get easier than the first half. For your lower body, you only have two easy options: pants and shorts. You've always dreamed of being able to wear a sweatshirt in public, and that day has finally arrived. On the other hand, if you're feeling daring, you can go beyond athletic cuts and fabrics and layer your activewear on top with something more fitted underneath.


Look for sweatpants with a slim, soft fit and elasticated cuffs. Basic colors, clean cuts, and minimal details work best. Match the color of the top for a sleek monochrome statement. If you're daring enough, we've seen sportswear that mixes leather and well-tailored pantsuits. It's hard to stand out if you're not walking the runway, but if you're up for the challenge, give it a go.


Comfortable, easy, athletic, young, cool. These are the words you want. Basically, your shorts should look like a truncated version of sweatpants. Follow the same rules but with a little less fabric and you'll be golden.

The above briefly introduces some ways to match sportswear. If you want to customize sportswear, please contact us.

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