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How to Properly Wash a Sports Bra?

How to Properly Wash a Sports Bra?

Oct 31,2022
Properly Wash a Sports Bra
No matter what sport or fitness activity you enjoy, you probably think your sports bra is just as important as your shirt, leggings, and shoes. These supports play an important role. Keeping them clean and smelling fresh can be a challenge - but it doesn't have to be. Here's how to wash your sports bra the right way so they perform better and last longer.

Quick start guide

If you're in a hurry to wash your sports bra, this quick start guide will help you:

Take off quickly after exercise. There is no need for the bra to absorb more sweat than it already absorbs. If salt crystallizes out of sweat, it can damage fabrics like sandpaper. The edges and corners of these crystals create tiny tears in the elastic fibers that provide support for sports bras. Therefore, rinsing after a workout can help your bra last longer. The sooner you wash them off, the better the results are likely to be.

Machine wash in lukewarm or hot water. Make your sports bra easy with the delicate cycle on the washing machine. Warm or hot water is ideal for removing odors and dissolving salt. Hot water will not affect the stretch or compression of the fabric. Use a low speed if your washing machine allows it.

Use a sports cleanser. A sports detergent designed to remove salt and odors from synthetic fabrics is your best bet.

Low-temperature drying. Most bras can be put in the dryer. High temperatures can damage stretchy fibers, so keep them cool, and delicate—or hang them to dry if you prefer.

A few key takeaways here are getting your bra into the wash quickly and using the correct detergent. If you're not ready for a heavy wash right after your workout, you can try rinsing your sports bra in the sink (or even in the shower) to help remove some sweat at the same time.

Consider a lingerie bag

It's true that sports bras made of synthetic fibers are relatively tough, and they certainly don't require the same care as your delicate underwear. But especially lace-up sports bras or sports bras with adjustable straps and metal closures will benefit from lingerie bags, just like more sophisticated bras. Have you ever opened the washing machine to find the straps on one of your bras hopelessly tangled with the rest of your clothes? This hassle can be avoided with a simple underwear bag.

Avoid fabric softeners

Assuming your sports bra is made of synthetic fibers, you'll want to steer clear of fabric softeners. Synthetic fabrics do not require fabric softeners and sometimes they leave residues that reduce wicking properties.

Removes salt and sweat odors

When washing sports bras and other synthetic garments, your biggest challenge is removing salt from sweat and oil from your skin. Synthetic materials absorb more body oils and perspiration than cotton. If these oils are not removed, bacteria can start to grow, resulting in the common sweat odor that is difficult to remove with ordinary detergents. The good news is that body odor from sports bras and other activewear can be easily removed with a dedicated sports cleanser.

Maintain a healthy rotation

No matter how careful you are with your sports bra, you can't avoid frequent wear, especially if you're wearing the same bra over and over. Wear a few different sports bras if you can. This is especially useful if you don't have time to do laundry between uses. Remember to rinse them off if they don't go into the wash right away.

Wash your gym clothes together

Most likely, all of your activewear is made of synthetic fibers. If so, try to get into the habit of washing all of these clothes together. This will simplify the wash and dry cycle: wash your sportswear in lukewarm or hot water with a sports detergent like WIN, then dry on low heat. Wash cotton in warm or cold water, then dry on high heat.

The above briefly introduces the method of cleaning sports underwear. If you want to buy sports underwear, please contact us.

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