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Joggers: How Should They Fit and when Should They Be Worn?

Joggers: How Should They Fit and when Should They Be Worn?

Oct 8,2022
how to wear joggers
how joggers should fit
Unless you've been living under a rock, you've no doubt noticed a new trend in activewear that's gaining popularity: joggers. Jogging pants can make you look cool, fit and trendy when worn properly, or they can make you look downright scruffy and unkempt when worn wrong. With so many different options and tons of hits and misses, many wonder how joggers should fit and when to wear them. 

What is a jogger?

Jogging pants were originally designed for exercise, but like many pieces in the athleisure trend, they have taken hold and can now be worn on many occasions. Generally speaking, jogging pants are traditional sports pants that are light, comfortable, and have a sporty look. The jogging pants are the widest at the top and taper along the leg to fit snugly around the ankle. Most joggers feature a belted or elasticated waist, and the ankles are also kept close to the body through the use of elastics. While jogging pants started out as a form of sweatpants, today they are made from many different types of materials and come in a variety of styles and styles for a more refined and tailored fit. 

When were jogging pants invented?

The joggers come honestly with their names. While running as a sport and form of voluntary exercise dates back to ancient Greece, it largely fell out of favor before the return of the modern Olympics in 1896. As more and more people take up the sport of running, it becomes obvious that there is a need for clothing designed specifically for running. Enter Emile Camusette, French fashion designer and founder of sportswear company Le Coq Sportif. Camus is a runner himself, and he's tired of running every day in clothes that aren't suitable for exercise. He started experimenting with different styles of pants, experimenting with different fabrics and cuts and eventually found the classic jogging sweatpants we've been wearing. Although the jogger was born 100 years ago, in the 1920s it has grown considerably since then, creating men's joggers, women's joggers, and a variety of different types and shapes. 

What are the different types of joggers?

If you thought there was only one type of jogger, think again. The recent surge in the popularity of joggers means that designers have been experimenting with many different styles and shapes over the years, coming up with many different options. There are four main types of joggers: athletic joggers, recreational joggers, everyday joggers, and smart joggers.


Sporty joggers are original, classic, and the first thing most people think of when they think of joggers. However, even jogging pants for athletic use have changed considerably since the first sweatpants were invented in the 1920s. While the original jogging pants were often loose, often made of thick material and added bulk, today's sporty jogging pants feature a thinner silhouette and a flatter body while still giving you what you need for a serious workout and Extensive exercise. Today, jogging pants designed for exercise or sports are increasingly made of performance and technical fabrics that provide moisture-wicking, breathability, and odor resistance, such as bamboo performance fabrics.

Casual jogging pants

If you're looking for a comfortable pair of pants to hang out with while watching the big game on Sunday, casual jogging pants are the way to go. These jogging pants have a looser fit, are often cut for a looser fit, and are made from materials that focus on comfort rather than performance, such as fleece or terry. You'll have plenty of room to move around and relax while looking more fitted than just a pair of pajama pants. Casual jogging pants provide maximum comfort.

Daily jogger

Everyday joggers are exactly what they sound like - your best option for living your everyday life in comfort and style. The everyday jogger is perfect for everything from running errands, picking up the kids from school, staying comfortable but chic on a long flight, or going out for a casual brunch with friends. These versatile pants can easily go from lounging on the couch to the dentist and back again without missing a beat, and their comfort and style make them one of the most versatile garments on the market.

Smart jogger

Hate wearing "real" pants every time you need to look fit? Say hello to smart joggers. The trendy jogger bottoms turned the sweatpants trend upside down, showing a bit of tailoring, material changes, and a bit of style at work. Smart joggers will have more trim and tapered legs than other types of joggers, allowing you to show off your legs and create a flattering silhouette.

The material used to make smart jogging pants is usually fine-gauge cotton or similar fabrics that sag and wrinkle at the knees, creating the messy look many sweatpants are known for. Smart joggers make you look great without being uncomfortable to wear, and as long as the fit is right, they can even be worn to dinners, parties, and casual meetings without missing a beat.

How should jogging pants fit?

How your jogging pants should fit depends largely on where you plan to wear them and what activities you plan to wear them for. As a general rule, the more cut and tapered your jogging pant legs are, the more formal the pants will be. In contrast, jogging pants that are wider and have a less-fit look, thicker material, and narrower legs are best for casual wear or lounging at home. No matter what style you're wearing, you can follow these general tips to make sure your jogging pants fit:

1. Your jogging pants should taper cleanly at the ankle and should fit snugly around the ankle. If the bottoms of your joggers aren't close to the skin and calves, they're too big.

2. Joggers should taper at the ankle and end above the shoe, not above the shoe. Fitted jogging pants will reveal a few socks or skin.

3. Jogging pants should be a slim fit that clearly outlines the shape of the body, but should not be too tight to appear fit or "skinny".

4. You should be able to move freely and have a good range of motion in the jogger. If you're feeling constricted, you're uncomfortable, and it looks like you're wearing leggings instead of joggers.

5. Generally speaking, the waistband of jogging pants should be placed on the buttocks. More and more jogging pants are available in high-waisted styles, so if you buy jogging pants that are designed to be worn taller, they should sit at your natural waist.

6. If you want to wear athleisure, or casually hang out in jogging pants, a slightly sagging crotch will do. If you are looking for a more fitted look, there should be no noticeable sagging in the crotch.

How do you design jogging pants?

With so many different styles of joggers, the possibilities seem limitless in terms of clothing you can create with them. Of course, how you style your jogging pants largely depends on where you wear them and the type of pants you buy (i.e. casual joggers vs smart joggers). Here are some easy ways to design a jogger:

1. Pair a sweatshirt with jogging pants for a casual and comfortable look. Ideally, you want your sweatshirt to be a different color than your pants and have a better fit so your overall look doesn't look sloppy. To maintain your street style, wear boots or stylish sneakers.

2. Wearing a casual tee with jogging pants is an effortless weekend look with added comfort, but it's important to make sure your shirt fits and isn't too big. Wearing slim-fit joggers will have you ready to hit the streets.

3. If you want to take your style game to the next level, add a denim jacket to your joggers. Denim jackets are casual but add structure and style to your casual look, and the difference in texture adds contrast and interest to your outfit.

4. Think you can't wear a suit jacket in your jogging pants? Think again. Wear jogging pants to a business meeting with a less structured blazer in more casual materials in dark or neutral colors. Ditch the dress shirt and add casual buttons or a knitted tee underneath a blazer.

5. Want to make your country club look cool but still feel casual and comfortable? Try pairing a polo shirt with jogging pants. The trick here is that if you want to look more fitted, choose joggers in heavier fabrics and stick to lighter, softer styles. 

The above briefly introduces the types and matching methods of jogging pants. If you want to buy or customize jogging pants, please contact us.

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